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With City of Culture bragging rights on the line, Warwick Esports target eVarsity weekend victory

“As a captain, I’ve definitely been going easier on my teammates during this year – allowing them to have more fun during practice and joke around a bit more,” Alex Petropoulos quipped as his Warwick Esports teammates prepared for eVarsity 2021. Like all things, Varsity will look different this year. The University of Warwick’s annual sports meeting with Coventry University was cancelled by the coronavirus in September, leaving a hole in the University’s sporting calendar. In place of the typical Varsity festivities, Esports will take centre stage in 2021. With the official Varsity competition called-off, Warwick Esports will fly the flag for the University at an unofficial event this weekend.

Warwick Esports face Coventry Phoenix in unofficial eVarsity contest

Warwick Esports will represent the University of Warwick during an unofficial eVarsity weekend on 20-21 February. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Coventry University withdrew from all in-person sports last September, effectively cancelling Varsity 2021. However, Coventry, who are set to return to physical events at the start of the 2021/22 season, will participate in eVarsity Weekend to continue the annual tradition of competition between the city’s two universities.

Twitch Uni Heroes Awards winners announced, Warwick Esports win Society of the Term after strong Winter performances

University esports body the NUEL has announced the winners of its Twitch Uni Heroes Awards. The awards, backed by Twitch Student/Amazon University Esports, saw a number of top student esports talent recognised. And Warwick Esports, of the University of Warwick, capitalised on their award win, sending a press release out to Esports News UK about their triumphs. They were in dominant form again during the winter term, opening up a commanding lead in the NSE (National Student Esports) championsh

Warwick Esports Dominate Winter Season

Warwick Esports were in dominant form during the winter term, opening up a commanding lead in the NSE (National Student Esports) championship and winning the NUEL (National University Esports League) Esports/Gaming Society of the Term. The NSE’s release of the BUEC (British University Esports Championship) standings on their website, confirms Warwick’s comfortable 580-point lead over their closest competitor, Staffordshire University. This puts Warwick in a very comfortable position to retain t

Warwick Esports names HyperX as first commercial partner

Warwick Esports, the esports society for the University of Warwick, has signed HyperX as its first commercial partnership. HyperX will supply gaming peripherals as prizes for Warwick Esports’ events, and its logo will be featured on the school’s esports jerseys as well as on social media. According to the press release, the partnership will allow Warwick Esports to continue signing members without a sign-up or admission fee. Also, the HyperX prizes will add an additional competitive motivator

A boost for UK university esports: Warwick esports society strikes first commercial partnership

Warwick Esports says it has taken strides towards the big leagues with its first commercial partnership The esports society for the University of Warwick – home to some of the most successful university esports teams in the UK – has announced a partnership with gaming gear brand HyperX. HyperX will provide prizes for Warwick Esports’s events, such as keyboards or headsets, and in return Warwick Esports will provide advertisement through HyperX brand placement on social media and jerseys. “It’

'The Loughborough of Esports' - How Warwick Built its Gaming Dynasty

If you ask people in the gaming industry about the West Midlands, they will immediately refer to the number of studios set up in Royal Leamington Spa (known also as ‘Silicon Spa’), including SEGA Hardlight, Playground Games, and Ubisoft. This makes the University of Warwick, some eight miles away, the perfect place for those who love games to study. There is, however, another reason Warwick is gaining notoriety as the place for gaming- Esports.

Warwick named NSE Esports University of the Year for second year in a row

The University of Warwick has won back-to-back Esports University of the Year awards. They racked up the most points from various NSE esports tournaments throughout the 2019/20 academic year. Warwick first received the award last year for the 2018/19 academic year. The Esports University of the Year is awarded by National Student Esports (NSE), a body for student esports in the UK that was set up in 2018. The University of Warwick reached the top of the table with 1,618 points, ahead of the

Defending champions, University of Warwick, win Esports University of the Year

Defending champions, University of Warwick, win Esports University of the Year Over the past year, universities across the country have been battling to come out on top and claim Esports University of the Year. It’s been no easy feat; 24 championships, 95 universities, thousands of participants and hundreds of matches played - the competition has been fierce. We’re thrilled to announce that University of Warwick have successfully defended the title, and are Esports University of the Year champ

Warwick Angels ascend in dominant victory against Coventry Phoenix

Warwick Esports’ impressive Varsity results continued with a 3-0 victory in Overwatch over Coventry Phoenix, aided by some impressive displays by their team captain Tanski as Reinhardt. The Warwick Overwatch team were huge favourites coming into the match, with the University sitting top of the National Student Esports (NSE) league table whilst Coventry are slumped down in 20th position. A strong showing against local rivals would be a huge boost in the build-up to the upcoming NSE Championships. The well-drilled Warwick side easily took the first two matches, with Static’s Mei coming in clutch with some perfectly timed Ice Walls that disrupted Phoenix’s advances, and Tanski’s Reinhardt proving impenetrable for the Coventry side. Jokes were flying during the breaks, with Warwick taunting Coventry in the chat with links to WikiHow guides on how to play Overwatch.

Warwick has been named esports University of the Year

The esports team finished in the top spot of the first ever British University Esports Championship (BUEC) – and were presented with their trophy in a ceremony at the new Sports and Wellness Hub. Warwick submitted 100 players into the championship, across over 23 teams, securing podium finishes in five out of 13 tournaments proving their ‘fearsome reputation’ is to be believed. The tournament is organised by National Student Esports (NSE) and supported by British Universities Colleges Sport (B

University of Warwick win Esports University of the Year

University of Warwick win Esports University of the Year Over the past six months, teams from universities across the country have been competing in the inaugural British University Esports Championship (BUEC). Each team represented their university in tournaments across several popular esports games earning points for their university based on finishing position. With the dust settling after NSE's Spring finals, we're pleased to announce the final points standing for the 2018/2019 academic yea

Making of Champions: Warwick Esports' Game Coaches

Coaches play a pivotal role in all levels of sports and increasingly so in esports. Whether it's Kim 'kkOma' Jeong-gyun in League of Legends (LoL) or Danny 'zonic' Sørensen in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) they, while not portrayed in glistening lights like the players, are included in any serious discussion about the reason for their team's success. We talked to Jack 'Portare' Fenton, esports executive and LoL coach, as well as Allan 'Lynxx' Hender, CS:GO coach, both of University o

UK universities launch new esports tournament

UK's first University esports body was announced on Wednesday night at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. The National Students Esports [NSE], created by Benchmark, is supported by the British Universities & Colleges Sport [BUCS], the national governing body for university sports in the UK. The NSE will aim to raise the profile of the university esports scene by running a league across seven titles, two seasons per academic year as well as launching a first-of-its-kind digital community platform. It

How Warwick University students are breaking into the eSports industry

Imagine being able to get your dream job from playing video games at University. Well, for the students at the University of Warwick, this is a reality. Kallon Ram is a Computer Science student at Warwick who has always had a passion for gaming. Kallon, or better known as 'Kerberos', is an integral part of Grey Warwick, the university's top League of Legends side. Grey Warwick has enjoyed major success in the past two years, from winning The National University eSports League [NUEL] last year
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